• Can I have an Islamic Account?
    We offer the possibility to open Islamic (Swap-Free) Accounts with us.
    Swap-free trading accounts are available only to those clients who cannot use swaps owing to their religious beliefs.

    Accordingly, we reserve the right to require adequate justification for and/or proof of the necessity or need of any such conversion.

    Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse the processing of any such request for any reason whatsoever, without being obliged to provide any explanation or justification.
    While you can file a request for an Islamic Account at any time, the filing of such request entails that all your other real trading accounts with us will be converted into Swap-Free trading accounts as well, without any further notice being required.
    Conversion of a real trading account to a Swap-Free trading account is performed by our Back-Office Department only upon your consent to complete and submit such a request.

    We will then evaluate the request along with the required documentation submitted to us and shall inform you whether your request is accepted or not.
  • Can you trade for me?
    Although we cannot trade on your behalf, we have a wide range of tools and market reports that can help you make an educated decision.
  • How can I get in touch with your representatives?
    Go directly to "Contact Us" section and choose the way you wish to connect with us!
  • What are the benefits of trading with a regulated company?
    One of the advantages of trading with a regulated broker is that you know you are contracting with a reliable and reputable provider in a regulated environment, which has strict rules and regulations designed, in particular, to protect the interests of retail clients.
  • Do you add dividends?
    Dividends are the portion of corporate profits that are distributed to shareholders, and the cut-off date for share ownership in order to qualify for a dividend is known as ex-dividend date.
    If you have a CFD position open on the ex-dividend date, an adjustment will be made to your account in regards with the dividend or distribution attributable to the related instrument in the underlying market.
    If you hold a long position you will receive the dividend as a positive adjustment to your account.
    However, if you hold a short position there will be a negative adjustment to your account for the dividend.
  • What is your input on trading robots?
    The use of Expert Advisors (Robots) is forbidden on our platforms, since they represent an increased risk and should not be considered a substitute for carefully executed trading.
  • I cannot log in to my account but I need to close an open position. What do I do?
    You may close/open a position or place an order by telephone 24 hours a day. Simply call up our Dealing Desk or our Customer Support Department. You will be asked for some personal details before your request is to be executed, for security purposes.
  • Why can’t I close my position?
    It is only possible to close a position (trade) during the relevant instrument’s trading hours. In addition, on some occasions instruments are temporarily unavailable for trading when market events restrict price feeds, including, but not limited to: extreme volatility, illiquidity, underlying market suspensions, etc.