Notifications Bell opens doors for South Africans to trade in international stocks like Netflix and Facebook opens doors for South Africans to trade in international stocks like Netflix and Facebook

Stock Trading platform allows South Africans to open accounts and trade in blue chip and tech stocks on multiple stock exchanges worldwide, including the New York Stock Exchange

Trading on foreign stock exchanges has not always been easy for South Africans. Strict exchange control regulations enforced by the South African Reserve Bank limited South Africa’s exposure to trading outside the borders.

Even pension funds, including the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), are limited to the potential growth and opportunities presented to investing and trading in foreign currencies on foreign exchanges. is an international brokerage portal operating in multiple countries and has opened operations in South Africa, giving South African traders an opportunity to trade in shares like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Jack Edwards, Marketing Manager of in South Africa says that presents unique and exciting opportunities for South African traders. knows that international trading is new for many South Africans. And this is often daunting, which is why the company provides free access to its acclaimed Training Academy. Anyone can simply visit the website to open a free account and access the training academy and a demo account to learn.

Another unique feature of the platform is that it uses AI-based skills monitor to adjust the exposure of leveraging to each individual trader. Leverage is a trading mechanism that can be used to increase exposure to the market by allowing them to pay less than the full amount of the investment. The training academy provides all the relevant must-know information for anyone embarking on this approach to trading.

In practical terms, this means that the trader can trade on “borrowed” stocks to increase exposure to the market and increase profits. This comes with high risk, though, as the reverse is true. Should there be losses, the trader is further exposed to the losses, which could result in rapid capital loss.

An exciting feature of the platform is that it is geared to novice and experienced traders alike. There’s no need for anyone to be left out of trading in the exciting stocks available internationally.

Opening an account and accessing the training academy is free for anyone to use, and when you’re ready to trade you can start with as little as US$100 or R1700.

To get started, go to

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