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  • Can you trade for me?
    Although we cannot trade on your behalf, we have a wide range of tools and market reports that can help you make an educated decision.
  • How can I get in touch with your representatives?
    Go directly to "Contact Us" section and choose the way you wish to connect with us!
  • What are the benefits of trading with a regulated company?
    One of the advantages of trading with a regulated broker is that you know you are contracting with a reliable and reputable provider in a regulated environment, which has strict rules and regulations designed, in particular, to protect the interests of retail clients.
  • Do you add dividends?
    Dividends are the portion of corporate profits that are distributed to shareholders, and the cut-off date for share ownership in order to qualify for a dividend is known as ex-dividend date.
    If you have a CFD position open on the ex-dividend date, an adjustment will be made to your account in regards with the dividend or distribution attributable to the related instrument in the underlying market.
    If you hold a long position you will receive the dividend as a positive adjustment to your account.
    However, if you hold a short position there will be a negative adjustment to your account for the dividend.
  • What is your input on trading robots?
    The use of Expert Advisors (Robots) is forbidden on our platforms, since they represent an increased risk and should not be considered a substitute for carefully executed trading.
  • I cannot log in to my account but I need to close an open position. What do I do?
    You may close/open a position or place an order by telephone 24 hours a day. Simply call up our Dealing Desk or our Customer Support Department. You will be asked for some personal details before your request is to be executed, for security purposes.
  • Why can’t I close my position?
    It is only possible to close a position (trade) during the relevant instrument’s trading hours. In addition, on some occasions instruments are temporarily unavailable for trading when market events restrict price feeds, including, but not limited to: extreme volatility, illiquidity, underlying market suspensions, etc.
  •     Why can't I log in or change my password?
    Make sure your login details are valid. Still can't log in? Use the newest browser version & then "clear cache and cookies".

    Click on "Forgot Password" in case that happens & follow the steps. Make sure that you are using the correct email address & get in touch with Customer Support for extra assistance.