Notifications Bell
  • Which documents are required to verify my account?
    Verify your account by providing clear photo or scan copies of the following documents:

    Proof of Identity:

    - Copy of a valid Passport , National ID or Driver’s license.

    Note that all details must be clearly visible (full name, date of birth, date of expiry, photograph, document’s number and full security strip if applicable)
    The Proof of Identity is not accepted if the document shows only initial for the given (first) name.(for example : South African Driving License)

    Proof of Residence:

    - Copy of: bank or credit card statement, utility bill (e.g. water, electricity, gas, phone, Internet, TV Service), municipality statements or tenancy contract.
    We can accept also affidavit from police station or declaration of residence signed and stamp by municipality

    Note that all details must be clearly visible (full name, address of residence, date of issue of the document, logo or stamp of the issuing company).

    Proof of residence documents must have been issued within the last 6 months.
    All documents provided must be issued in the name of the client; third party documents will not be accepted.
    Please note that PO Boxes are not accepted excepting PO Boxes for Applicants from Arab GCC countries.
  • Are my personal details secured?
    All your personal information is fully protected by an SSL certificate and saved on a secure server.
  •   I made a deposit, but I still can't trade! Why?
    Clients can't trade unless all required documents are approved & the registration process is complete.

    If we received your deposit & you still can't trade, make sure that you have sent all the documents with the required specifications, and check if your registration process is complete or if you're missing steps.